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Public Outreach, Community Involvement
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About Us

Regnier & Associates is a Public Involvement and Public Information firm specializing in major transportation and infrastructure projects.  Established in 2004, Regnier & Associates stands at the forefront of the field in developing innovative outreach and information programs that build consensus, engage the public in focused and relevant ways, and provide timely and accurate information to the public at large. 

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Philosophy & Core Values

Our philosophy at Regnier & Associates is a little different from that of our competitors, as is our 30+ years of combined experience in dealing with transportation, infrastructure and the public.  We have been in the trenches and understand the varied and complex aspects of projects beginning to end.

First, we design our Public Involvement and Public Information plans and strategies with our clients, based on their needs and budget.

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What We Offer

We offer comprehensive Public Involvement plans, strategies and services that are creative, innovative and effective. We find ways to engage the public, manage expectations, and promote and support project success. Our strategies reflect the spirit and fulfillment of NEPA, SAFETEA-LU, and CFR, as well as additional federal, state and local requirements for major transportation and infrastructure projects.

We provide comprehensive, proactive and responsive Public Information plans, strategies and services that: disseminate timely and accurate information; support a seamless flow of communication, coordination and cooperation with project personnel and partners, state and local government, emergency service providers, the media and the public; decrease impacts to residents and the motoring public; increase awareness and encourage safe passage through construction zones; and manage, respect and acknowledge public expectation.




Comprehensive Public Outreach, Community Involvement & Public Information Management