Philosophy & Core Values

Our philosophy at Regnier & Associates is a little different from that of our competitors, as is our 30+ years of combined experience in dealing with transportation, infrastructure and the public.  We have been in the trenches and understand the varied and complex aspects of projects beginning to end.

First, we design our Public Involvement and Public Information plans and strategies with our clients, based on their needs and budget.

We specialize and focus on major transportation and infrastructure projects.  

We provide Public Involvement and Public Information services that support projects from the planning phase through environmental, preliminary engineering, design, and construction all the way to completion. 

We establish relationships with and communicate essential information to the public in a timely and proactive manner. 

We have the necessary knowledge and experience to support and contribute to the success of our colleagues and clients. 

We raise the expectations, standards and practices of our industry by continuing to find better, more innovative and more effective strategies to improve the public process.

We are more than a PR firm.  We believe good Public Involvement practices and top notch Public Information make for great PR.  If you want a group to advertise, market, or dress up a project, we aren’t your fit. If, however, you want a comprehensive approach to Public Involvement and Public Information, members of the team that can contribute on all levels; and partners that can effectively manage all public aspects of a project - we are the best around. 

Comprehensive Public Outreach, Community Involvement & Public Information Management