120th Avenue Connection - Design/Build
CDOT Region 6 and City of Broomfield

Project Description: 

CDOT, in partnership with the City and County of Broomfield, is extending 120th Avenue from Wadsworth Parkway, across US 36 to approximately 120th Avenue and Teller Street, including an intersection with US 287. The purpose of the 120th Avenue Connection project is to accommodate existing and forecasted east-west through-traffic, reduce out-of-direction travel, and alleviate traffic congestion. An Environmental Assessment for this project was completed in March 2005, and a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was approved by the Federal Highway Administration in January 2006.

Improvements will be completed in three phases:

Phase I (Design-Build) will construct portions of 120th Avenue (0.7 mile), a bridge carrying 120th Avenue over US 36, and a bridge carrying 120th Avenue over Commerce Street. 

Phase II (Design-Bid-Build) will construct improvements to 120th Avenue east of US 36, and will require significant right-of-way acquisition and relocation. The project schedule for this phase has not been finalized and is currently unfunded. 

Phase III will construct the local road system off of and around the 120th Avenue improvements constructed in Phase I. A portion of Phase III work is included as Additional Requested Elements in Phase I work to maximize the "best value" of the design-build contract. 

Regnier & Associates is providing accurate and timely Public Involvement/Public Information to the motoring public, residents, property and business owners, and our project partners.  Our communication approach focuses on providing timely and accurate information regarding project phasing and activities to the public to motorists to make informed decisions about their travel patterns and the alternate routes available to them.


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