Future Needs of Public Sector Real Estate – FHWA Office of Real Estate Services

Project Description:  Regnier & Associates, in collaboration with H.C. Peck & Associates and the FHWA Office of Real Estate Services (HEPR), identified and surveyed selected professional Stakeholders, and conducted a focused brainstorming session to look 30 years into the future, to 2035, to identify concepts, capabilities and technologies that FHWA and other Federal agencies conducting real estate acquisition, relocation, and management activities under the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (UA), as amended. The study included an in-depth analysis of expected future operational needs of public sector real estate, specifically as they relate to transportation projects. This research set out to identify what new ideas, concepts and technologies can be utilized to meet present and future needs of public sector real estate. A graphic illustrator was used to graphically capture ideas, concepts, needs, and solutions. The findings of this study were presented at the Annual AASHTO Conference held in Baltimore, MD in May 2006.


Comprehensive Public Outreach, Community Involvement & Public Information Management