I-70/E-470 Interchange Complex EA – CDOT Region 1, City of Aurora and E-470 Public Highway Authority

Project Description:  Public Involvement Specialist. Regnier & Associates assisted the Prime Consultant Team in leading the Public Involvement process to bring awareness to the I-70/E-470 Interchange Complex. Public outreach addressed adverse impacts on minority or low-income populations within the community including bilingual services at public meetings, bilingual printed collateral, and a bilingual project website to convey project information, in accordance with Executive Order 12898. An Environmental Assessment (EA) was prepared for the expanded I-70/E-470 Interchange Complex project following the requirements of NEPA for the City of Aurora and the E-470 Public Highway Authority (E-470 PHA) in association with the CDOT Region 1. The EA and preliminary engineering were expanded to include two new I-70 interchanges at Picadilly Road and Harvest Mile Road, as well as the possible elimination of access to I-70 at Gun Club Road. The EA evaluated potential environmental, social and cultural impacts associated with providing freeway-to-freeway direct ramps and local access ramps as part of the I-70/E-470 Interchange Complex.


Comprehensive Public Outreach, Community Involvement & Public Information Management